3D liposuction

Hormone treatment achieves changes in the body of a woman with gender dysphoria or who is a female transsexual, bringing her body closer to a biologically female figure yet without fully attaining it. Fat accumulates differently in biological men and women. 3D liposuction enables the body to be moulded, giving it the curves suitable to its gender.

This operation can be performed before or after genital gender confirmation surgery and patients achieve highly satisfactory results.

What is 3D liposuction?

3D liposuction is a technique enabling those fat deposits localised in specific areas of the body to be removed: chin, jowls, cheeks, arms, breast profiles, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves and ankles, though the most habitual area for liposuction is the waist, which enables moulding of the curves of a transsexual woman or woman with gender dysphoria so as to resemble those of a biological woman.

The operation

The preparations

The surgeon will create the patient’s medical history, determining where the fat deposits reside and recommend the most suitable technique. The patient should inform the surgeon of significant weight gains and losses they have experienced throughout their life.

The operation

La intervención suele durar entre 1 y 4 horas. Si la lipoescultura no es extensa se aplicará anestesia local combinada con sedantes para que la paciente esté relajada durante la intervención. Depende de la zona, también existe la posibilidad de usar el bloqueo epidural, similar a la anestesia usada durante el parto. En cambio, si la lipoescultura se practica en una zona extensa, el cirujano optará por la anestesia general.

Las personas que tienen una piel firme y elástica gozarán de una silueta final mejor, en cambio las pacientes con pieles muy colgantes necesitarán una intervención quirúrgica adicional que hará desaparecer el exceso de piel para que ésta se adapte al nuevo contorno.

La grasa se acumula en lugares distintos en los hombres y en las mujeres biológicos. Por ello, en las lipoesculturas a mujeres transexuales o con disforia de género puede utilizarse la técnica de “injerto graso”. Esta técnica quirúrgica consiste en redistribuir la grasa, es decir, la grasa extraída de una zona no deseada, como el abdomen, se puede utilizar para reinyectarla en otras partes del cuerpo que la paciente desee hacer más prominentes como las caderas o los glúteos. Aunque el mantenimiento de esta grasa no es del 100 % y varía de una paciente a otra, en muchas ocasiones esta técnica consigue resultados estéticamente notables.


After the operation, the patient must use an elastic compression garment for three to four weeks, which will help to mould her new figure. As soon as possible, her surgeon will advise her to begin walking, though she should avoid serious exertion for around two weeks. It is possible for the patient to return to work after two or three days – maximum one week – though it will be her surgeon who assesses each case and who advises what type of operation and recovery is optimal.

The results

3D liposuction is a safe, effective technique that provides a new figure with barely any scarring. The results are not seen imminently, due to swelling, but it is a gradual process that lasts from one to two months, though depending on the operation it can last up to six months.

Despite what some people believe, the results of liposuction are permanent if one follows a healthy diet and does exercise. In the case of weight gain, this tends to occur in a more even, harmonious way that respects the new body shape, and fat deposits tend not to form in areas from where it was previously extracted.