Breast augmentation

Despite hormone treatment considerably helping with mammary growth, this is often not sufficient or not what the patient desires. In such cases we recommend breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty), which can be performed before vaginoplasty and helps with assuming the female role.

What is breast augmentation?

An augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation is the name given to surgery enabling enlargement of the breasts through implants or prosthesis, while giving them a more feminine aesthetic appearance.

The operation

The preparations

The surgeon will conduct a full medical history and study the characteristics of the patient’s thoracic anatomy, mammaries (amount of fat), subcutaneous tissue and skin thickness. The surgeon can thereby advise them on the prosthesis type (volume, projection, shape, feel, etc.) that will best harmonise with their body.

He or she will furthermore advise the patient on the surgical technique that best adapts to their needs and explain to them how the entire operation will proceed.

The operation

Breast augmentation is a relatively short operation. It tends to last from an hour and a half to two hours. A general anaesthetic is normally used, although sometimes it can be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation.

There are three possible ways in which the prosthesis may be implanted:

  • Axillary: The prosthesis is inserted via an incision in the armpit, so that the scar is strategically hidden.
  • Periareolar: The incision is made on the border between the areola’s lower edge and the skin, so the change of colour conceals the scar.
  • Submammary: The incision is made in the furrow below the breast, so that the scar is hidden in the fold between the mammary and the thorax.

The surgeon will evaluate all the possibilities according to the patient’s characteristics and medical history before recommending one of these options.

During the operation, surgical drains are inserted that will be removed after approximately 48 hours, which serve to reduce post-operative inflammation and discomfort to a minimum.


After the operation, the patient must wear a special bra and a pectoral band that may be substituted for underwear at around four or five weeks.

Four to six days after the operation, the patient may return to work as long as she does not undertake physical exertion. If so, the patient must consult their medical team.

The results

The results are excellent and can be seen quickly, though one should wait until the swelling goes down to appreciate their definitive volume and shape.

The resulting breasts are no different aesthetically from the breasts of biological women.