Buttock augmentation

It is unquestionable that biological men and women are different in the gluteal region, both in shape and volume. Hormone treatment manages to give women with gender dysphoria curves more in line with their gender. Yet in some cases the final shape of their buttocks does not fully satisfy them and does not fulfil their expectations.

Plastic surgery offers the chance to increase buttock size, providing more volume or remodelling the shape of the gluteal region in women for whom it is atrophied. This operation is performed using implants, though sometimes, it can also be combined with a liposuction and remodelling of the region to ensure optimal results.

The operation

The preparations

During consultation, the patient must explain frankly to the surgeon what they hope to achieve from the operation and listen to their opinion and advice.

The surgeon will analyse the entire area to be treated and skin quality. Following this, the surgeon will explain the most suitable technique for the patient’s case and the expected end results. The surgeon will likewise inform the patient about the operation and post-operative phase. If the patient has any doubts or concerns, now is the time to raise them.

The operation

Though the choice of anaesthetic type will depend on the surgeon and their medical team, gluteus or buttock augmentation is mostly done under general or epidural anaesthesia. It is a relatively short operation, lasting between one and two hours.

The technique used consists of making a small, five-to-seven centimetre incision in the intergluteal region. Then a pocket is created within the gluteus maximus and the implant introduced.


The patient’s recovery is quite fast, though for the first two days after the operation, the patient must avoid sitting down so as not to displace the implants. Patients may note some discomfort when putting weight on the area due to swelling, which should have notably decreased in a few days.

After a week to ten days, the patient may return to their daily life, though they should not play sport for three weeks to a month, and should avoid sports in which they might receive an accidental blow to the buttocks (football, tennis, riding, etc.).

The result

The results are visible from the first day, though they are not definitive, since the patient must wait for the swelling to go down to confirm both the final shape and volume. The scars are concealed by skin folds and after a few months become imperceptible.