Thigh lift

The thigh lift or crural lift is a surgical technique that enables removal of excess or sagging skin and wrinkles situated on the upper inside part of both thighs. This skin excess may be due to various factors such as weight loss, poor skin quality (having lost elasticity and therefore its capacity to adapt to the thighs’ contours), a genetic predisposition, certain illnesses, etc.

Some people may have an excess of accumulated fat that means their thighs touch. In such cases it is necessary to perform crural lifting with liposuction to remodel the thighs fully, bringing them into harmony with the rest of the body.

The operation

The preparations

During consultation, the patient must explain frankly to the surgeon what they hope to achieve from the operation and listen to their advice and opinions.

The surgeon will examine the area, analysing the thighs’ skin quality and flaccidity. Then the surgeon will explain the proposed technique as well as the expected end results. The surgeon will likewise inform the patient about the operation and post-operative phase. If the patient has any queries or concerns, now is the time to raise them.

The operation

The thigh lift or crural lift is an operation that lasts from two to three hours and requires a general or epidural anaesthetic.

The operation basically consists of removing the excess skin under the groin so as to decrease inner thigh flaccidity. If there are accumulations of fat, liposuction will be undertaken beforehand for optimal results.


Crural lifting is an operation performed under general or epidural anaesthesia, which lasts from two to three hours and requires hospital admission on the first night. During the first 48 hours after the operation, the patient must rest, though from the third day onwards she may get up and start to walk. Even so, walking too much is not recommended for at least a week. To alleviate bloatedness and lower swelling, lymphatic drainage may be inserted, though it should only be initiated on the surgeon’s judgement. From the fifth week onwards, physical activity may be taken up again, without putting stress on the area.

The result

The results can be seen after a few days, once the swelling has gone down. The scar will be concealed in the groin area and in time will become imperceptible.

People with very loose skin who have never undertaken physical exercise may find, over the years, that their skin becomes flaccid again. Yet it will never regress to the situation prior to the operation.