Cheek augmentation

What is cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is an operation aimed at increasing the prominence of the patient’s cheek bones using a prosthesis to create greater harmony in both their face and profile. This operation is often associated with rhinoplasty, mentoplasty, facial lifting or blepharoplasty.

Cheek augmentation helps to soften features, while giving the patient’s face a more sensual, feminine appearance. Furthermore, it helps to emphasise the patient’s eyes and gaze.

The operation

The operation

When we perform an isolated cheek implant, the patient is normally under local anaesthesia, but if this forms part of a combined operation (for example, blepharoplasty or facial lifting), the surgical team may prefer a general anaesthetic, though this will depend on each specific case.

The prosthesis implant can be undertaken in two ways: if performed in combination with a lifting or blepharoplasty, these access channels may be used to position it. If not, placement is made by making a small incision vertically inside the mouth, at the height of the furrow of the gums at the canines.


In this type of operation, recovery is speedy and rarely is there any discomfort. So the patient can return to their daily life and job in just a few days. Though in the first two weeks after the operation, they should avoid blows and pinches in this area. They will at first notice a sensation of tautness in their face which will soon disappear.

The results

The aesthetic result can be seen almost immediately, though will look even better after a few days.