Lifting facial

Without a doubt, one of the operations best enabling facial modelling and so helping to feminise the features is facial lifting or rhytidectomy. Furthermore, facial wrinkles can be removed, giving the face a young, carefree appearance.

What is lifting or rhytidectomy?

Lifting or rhytidectomy is a procedure aimed at raising and tensing facial and cervical skin so as to reduce folds and wrinkles. In transsexual patients or those with gender dysphoria, this technique can also be used to remodel the face, imbuing it with more feminine features.

The lifting habitually treats the skin of the neck, chin, cheeks and the periocular and temporal regions. Sometimes other surgeries may be included in the operation, such as feminisation of the forehead, eyebrows or eyelashes to give a much more rejuvenated appearance.

The operation

The preparations

As well as conducting a full medical history, the surgeon will also evaluate your face, especially the skin and underlying bony structures. With all of this information, the surgeon will recommend the best technique to follow in your specific case.

The operation

This operation is conducted under general anaesthesia, though it may also be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. The surgeon is the person who decides which to use in each specific case. The operation may last several hours, especially if associated with other operations.


Facial lifting or rhytidectomy tends to cause little discomfort. It is normal that after surgery certain areas of your skin feel numb, but this sensation will disappear in a few weeks. During the ensuing days, you should keep your head elevated to reduce the inflammation.

Though after two days you will feel fine, it is better to rest for the first week. In around ten to 14 days you can return to work.

The results

Between the second and fourth week you will get a sense of what your definitive appearance will be. The results are highly satisfactory and lasting. While evidently you will keep ageing, your appearance and fresh features will continue to seem young and feminine.