Mentoplasty and facial profile

What is mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty is an operation aimed at increasing or reducing the size of the patient’s chin to create greater harmony in both their face and profile. This operation, which tends to be associated with rhinoplasty, consists of implanting a prosthesis or sliding a fragment of bone forwards so as to project the chin further, or reducing the bone if necessary.

This operation helps soften your profile, emphasising your mouth and lips and offering more feminine, balanced features to those patients whose chin is not very prominent in relation to their nose and the rest of their face, or reducing the chin of patients with a very prominent bone structure.

The operation

The preparations

At our Gender Surgery Unit, a member of our team of plastic surgeons will evaluate your state of health and skin quality and create a medical history. They can thereby determine the technique they will use in your specific case. (Bone removal requires general anaesthesia).

We will inform you regarding the entire operation and if you have any questions, please ask us.

The operation

Although it is performed under local anaesthesia, mentoplasty can be conducted under general anaesthesia if combined with another operation.

The implant of a prosthesis can be undertaken via an incision in the furrow between the lower lip and gums, though it can also be undertaken through the skin below the chin. If the patient chooses the latter solution, the resulting scar becomes almost imperceptible just a few months after the operation.

If the chin retrusion is very pronounced, advanced bone surgery can be performed, setting the fragment in the desired position.

Conversely, if the problem is a chin that is overly prominent, the operation consists of reducing the bone using the same surgical approaches as for increasing chin size.


In this type of operation, recovery is speedy and rarely is there any discomfort. So the patient can return to their daily life and job almost immediately. In any case, if you have any discomfort or concerns, the post-operative team at Clínica Mediterrània will be there for you.

The results

The aesthetic result can be appreciated almost immediately, though will look even better after a few days in the case of the appearance of any haematoma. In the event of an external approach, the scar, which will remain strategically hidden, will be practically invisible after a few months.

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