What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or surgery for nasal reconstruction is an operation that enables the size of your nose to be increased or decreased by changing its shape: the shape of the bridge or tip, nostril size or the angle between nose and upper lip. It is also used to correct birth or post-trauma defects, as well as nasal respiration problems.

Rhinoplasty is nowadays one of the commonest operations for feminising the face and currently enables very natural results to be attained, in new harmony with the rest of the face. Thanks to this operation your features will be softened, conveying a more youthful image with finer, more feminine features.

This operation may be performed both before and after the vaginoplasty.

The operation

The preparations

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will study the shape of the nose you wish to attain, bearing in mind that this should give your face more feminine features, more aligned with your gender. He will assess you on the factors that affect the operation and its results, including the nasal septum and cartilage, the shape of your face, skin thickness, age and expectations.

Your surgeon will ask you about your medical history and advise on procedures to follow before the operation.

If you have any doubts, this is the moment to ask them. It is important to trust and accept advice from your surgeon.

The operation

Rhinoplasty, which can be performed under local or general anaesthesia, depending on each patient’s needs, is an operation that tends to last from one to two hours, although in complex cases it can last somewhat longer.

Your stay in hospital will depend mainly on the type of anaesthetic that the medical team has used and the patient’s medical history.


Rhinoplasty is undertaken via an internal incision in the nose, so it does not leave visible scars, and if the “open” technique is employed, or the nostrils reduced, the scars are imperceptible.

Depending on the type of person and operation type, certain haematomata may appear that disappear five to seven days after the operation.

The results

The results can be seen 15 days after surgery, though throughout the entire first year after the operation, small changes will be noted.
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