Laser hair removal

Thanks to hormone treatment, many transsexual women lose much of their masculine hair. Their head hair becomes finer, along with their leg and arm hair. Sometimes hair on the back, abdomen, neck or chest is considerably reduced, but other times not. The most annoying factor for many women is without a doubt facial hair: the density of one’s beard is determined genetically and its growth is not significantly slowed by administering female sexual hormones. Removal of facial hair often helps transsexual women’s real-life experience, so it is advisable to remove it even before genital gender confirmation surgery.

The traditional systems for removing this hair are either extremely painful (removal by waxing or electrolysis) or temporary (depilatory gels and creams, or shaving). IPL (intense pulsed light) or laser hair removal enables almost all hair to be removed definitively in a comfortable, painless manner.

Hair removal using laser or IPL consists of destroying the hair follicle sitting below the skin surface via pulsed light beams. This technique, applied over several sessions and requiring no anaesthesia, ensures hair will not regrow. The IPL which the Gender Unit at Dr Ivan Mañero Plastic Surgery Institute administers is a safe system allowing hair removal on all skin types, including the darkest.

To attain optimum results, it is best to avoid direct exposure to the sun and heat sources for the period the administering professional recommends.