Lip filling or contouring

Women tend to have fuller, more defined lips than men. This difference can be seen especially in the upper lip which, especially with ageing, has a greater tendency to become thinner and flatter, losing its characteristic shape.

What we call lip augmentation or augmentation cheiloplasty is a technique consisting of increasing the volume of the lips and giving them a more pronounced contour (contouring), introducing a filler product.

Currently, thanks to the evolution of these techniques, lip filling can be performed during an authorised consultation. Only in certain specific cases is this operation undertaken in the operating theatre of a hospital centre. The most habitual techniques for undertaking lip filling are those using fat grafting, collagen implants or a hyaluronic acid compound. The substance is injected into the lips using a fine needle and neither causes pain nor leaves a scar.

Treatment lasts from ten to 15 minutes and is generally performed under topical anaesthesia, depending on the patient and the doctor’s preferences. Recovery is practically immediate and the results can be appreciated instantly. It should be borne in mind that, neither collagen nor hyaluronic acid are permanent and are reabsorbed over time. In the case of collagen, the action must be repeated in six months’ time, while hyaluronic acid may last even more than a year.